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Kelp is sold out for the 2020 season!

Leo and Ken Sparta of Freeport, Maine with their partner, Jes Heil, started a new venture in 2019. Currently, Spartan Sea Farms has oysters, scallops, and kelp in the water. We are planning to have some delicious quahogs join the farm this year. If you'd like more information, would like to tour the farm, or want to support us please contact us!


Eat Kelp!

Kelp is a nutritious plant, rich especially in minerals. Its protein levels are comparable to legumes, it has calcium levels that are comparable to broccoli, and is a rich source of iodine. It also contains various vitamins, especially vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B12.


Oysters are good for you & the planet!

No pesticides are needed for oysters. No weird antibiotics. No forest destruction to grow them. No need to feed them corn. When it comes down to it: oysters are just good ol' oysters, beneficial to the environment in which they are grown as well as the person that eats them, providing protein, vitamins and minerals. 


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